Argus Mediterranean Storage and Logistics 2016

The Argus Mediterranean Storage and Logistics conference will be held 23-25 February 2016 in Rome, Italy. This event will bring together key representatives from the Mediterranean region including regional governments, liquid storage terminal owners and operators, oil companies, traders, brokers, pipeline companies, refineries, EPCs and tank technology, construction and maintenance service providers.

New Location for 2016! Join us in Rome, Italy, in the heart of the Mediterranean. For more details click here to receive updates in your inbox.

Who should attend Argus Mediterranean Storage and Logistics 2016?
United Kingdom | Spain | Malta | Turkey | Switzerland | Morocco | Netherlands | Egypt | Greece | Italy | Belgium | Bulgaria | United Arab Emirates | Austria | Hungary | Nigeria | Portugal | Romania | France | Croatia | Cyprus | Israel | Libya | Tunisia | Algeria

Who attended Argus Mediterranean Storage and Logistics 2015?
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Delegate Feedback
“In summary an excellent platform able to give a comprehensive perspective with a view not limited to logistic operators but including also traders and refiners.”
Marco Schiavetti, Supply & Trading Director, Saras S.p.A

“The conference pulled together a cross section of industry experts for a series of panels and presentations that were truly informative… an excellent opportunity to meet various market participants and to share knowledge.”
Shelly Ogilvie, Trading & Business Development, BB Energy

“Argus Mediterranean Storage and Logistics provided me with a valuable insight into the Mediterranean storage landscape and with new and actionable business contacts… it connected me with individuals who hold different expertise to my own, which when combined could lead to exciting new business projects.”
Richard Matthews, Research Analyst, Gibson Shipbrokers Ltd

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