International Petroleum Week 2016

International Petroleum (IP) Week is a recognised forum for oil and gas, where over 2,000 influential industry figures and government officials from the global oil and gas industry meet to discuss the opportunities and challenges facing the sector today and how to shape its future direction.

Over the three days of conferences, roundtables and breakout sessions, the event reviews the state of affairs both globally and locally and provides you with a robust platform upon which you and your peers can debate, discuss and share knowledge on current issues and future scenarios.

IP Week sees a range of senior speakers sharing their thoughts on the challenges and opportunities they face as they navigate their companies through these uncertain times. Shifts in supply and demand, price fluctuations, upstream technological advances, finance and human capital concerns will all be covered during the opening conference, setting the scene and driving the conversation for the week. The theme of IP Week 2016 and of the opening conference is‘Navigating through uncertainty’.

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09/02/2016 - 11/02/2016
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